Little Sound Dj Wiki


  1. Start lsdj.
  2. Head the cursor over to the wave/drum/speech column (the third from the left, that is in another color)
  3. Tap the A key. This will insert chain 00.
  4. Press select + right to edit chain 00.
  5. Tap the A key. This will insert phrase 00.
  6. Press select + right to edit phrase 00.
  7. Tap the A key. This will insert a note at the first position of the phrase.
  8. Head the cursor over to the instrument column that now says “I00”.
  9. Press select + right to edit instrument 00.
  10. Head the cursor down to the type-field (sencond from the top, where it says “wave”).
  11. Press A + right to change the type from “wave” to “kit”.
  12. Start the song.
  13. Enjoy the bassdrum.

Does that make sense?


Q: Why are there two selectors for drums? I can only hear the second one...

A: Because each kit can use two different drum machines (or the same one twice). If you can't hear the second one, you're doing something wrong. Just put a note in differing columns and you'll hear it.

Q: How is it possible for a Gameboy to play two waveforms of that quality simultaneously?!

A: Actually, the quality of the kit samples is very low, you can realize just how bad when you put headphones on... [edit : quote from LSDj manual «DIST – select the algorithm that should be used when two kits are mixed together. CLIP is the default type. SHAPE and SHAP2 sound similar to CLIP, but with more high frequencies and less bass. WRAP can be used to add some interesting digital distortion. When pressing A+(LEFT, LEFT) while CLIP value is selected, the program will jump out of range and play back sound from raw memory when clipping.» So this means LSDj uses an algorithm to mathematically mix the two sounds, so actually, it's only playing one sound that sounds like two.]

A2: Because of excellent software engineering;) /Johan

Q: But... Why can't it play a custom WAV and a Kit at the same time like it plays two kits at the same time?

A: Kits needs to be played back at a fixed frequency. There is not much point in playing a wav with fixed frequency.