Many people seem to have problems with getting LSDJ to run with the Flash 2 Advance / GB Bridge combo. A friend of mine (Random) reported he was successful when using Pogo Bridge and also kept a normal GBA game on the cartridge at the same time. / Johan

Is there any step by step guide for this Pogo Bridge / GB Bridge / Flash 2 Advance success? /maggan

Attention Be extremely carefull if you decide to buy anything from or (same company). They are known for advertising “excessive stock” of items they do not have and for never sending the items unless you manage to get the Hong Kong Police involved. By the way, apparently GBbridge supports only 64MBytes of SRAM causing problems with the versions of LSDJ that use 128KBytes of save memory. I wish someone can prove me wrong or have a way of overcoming the 64KByte limit. /acrocosm

It is Pogo Bridge in conjunction with the Bridge that causes the 64KByte SRAM limit. However you are correct, there is no current way to overcome it. The best thing to do is have 1 copy of LSDJ followed by three 'no sav data' roms, and then 1 last copy of LSDJ renamed with He Be GB. The two copies of LSDJ will then get 32k of non corrupted sav data. That means no Load / Save, but one long song on each LSDJ copy. The benefit is it is super easy to swap Sav data with the F2A, but the drawback is that it sucks if you want a bunch of songs on a single cart (the original version I bought the F2A). It is great for making medleys! / Brett