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Top 8 reasons why Gameboy Advance sucks...

  1. Throwing a GBA at someone won't kill a person, it only stuns them.
  2. Sucks batteries like no ones business.
  3. Shitty choice of games.
  4. Can't see a damn thing due to light sources reflecting off screen.
  5. Playing feels like trying to drive with your hands cut off.
  6. Speaker quality would cause any sane person to think they're deaf.
  7. Costs more than most people make in a month.
  8. Try to burn it. No, really. What the hell is this thing made of?

while i agree the original Gameboy Advance Sucks, i think the GBA SP is the best gameboy ever ... check that page for the reasons =)

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Do as I do then. Dj on your GB classic/pocket/color and play on the GBA!

The GBA SP is a better alternative since the speaker is a lot better. It's still quite expensive though, a bit unergonomic (select+start buttons are too low) and the sampled kits don't sound that good.

If you want to play on GBA SP and use your headphone, it's possible. Nintendo is selling a connector (Gameboy Advance SP Headphone Converter Unit; only 7 euro)


And it lets you use BOTH link port and audio out? YES!

Well, there's still a major problem. You cannot sync two gameboys with a game link cable and use audio out at the same time (As would be required to play live) /nitro2k01

Am I wrong, or do you connect the headphone jack to the ext thingy? Yea you are wrong, there's one port for the link and one for the power/audio out. /B.

The GBA SP (the folding version) will let you use link and audio out at the same time. So will the GBA. The GBA is better ergonomically since the cart sticks out of the top instead of the bottom.

The GBA SP does indeed allow you to use both the headphone adapter and the link cable, they connect to different ports. The headphone adapter connects to the EXT2 port and the link cable goes into the EXT port. They are spaced far enough apart so they do not get in each others way.

You can indeed use an AC adapter, a headphone adapter and a link cable all at the SAME TIME. <– get one of those.

Why bother with any of this naff GBA stuff? Do you want to game or make 8-bit Rock?! Classic is the best for sound and still looks the most futuristic. Leave GBA to the kids! /D.Sugar

Doesnt the start and select button placement bother anyone else? I can't even use LGPT on my GP2x because of the start/select placement ... :(