What is GiveIO?

The giveIO tool enables low-level access to I / O? ports for programs under Windows 2000 and XP. This is needed for some software that communicates through LPT ports. (Some people say that User Port is better for Windows XP) Windows 95/98/ME do not need giveIO

Download sites: (DEAD?)

(Yes it should have a double http)

When searching for giveIO, I also found this tool, appearantly used for removing giveIO (?)

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Give IO slows down my computer. What can i do ?

dude you have allowed anyone to change this? fix it ffs...

That's very strange that you'd allow this page to be edited – well, all I can say really is “mrelm”.

I used it before about an year for a programmer of mine, connected to the LPT port and it worked fine for me!

P.S.: I also find interesting to edit this page! :) 10x to the site author...


I'm really close to making the original NES controller work for my computer. The problem is, I can't find drivers that work. Some need direct access to the ports, and of course, Windows XP doesn't support this, so it always comes up with a critical error. I really hope this works. Kudos to the author of the program, even if it doesn't work for me. :)

Sweet! This is just what I needed. I'm in the process of converting a GC controller to PC. Hopefully I'll have a fully operational controller by the weeks end. Kudos!! Moo

I'm 1337 LPT haxor now! Thanks Give IO!

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