Introduction[edit | edit source]

Goomba is a Nintendo Game Boy Emulator that will allow you to play the old Nintendo Handheld classics on your Gameboy Advance.

Up to v2.0: Up to v2.3 (by fluBBa): Goomba Color 3–31–2008 Tutorial:

Compatibility[edit | edit source]

Goomba currently doesn't support LSDj version 3 and up, feel free to complain about it here : UPDATE: there now are some v3 LSDj releases patched to work with Goomba, however, they only allow one song at once in save memory.

Goomba doesn't support the Gameboy Link port, even on GBA hardware, so no sync for you.

LSDJ v3.1.9 (demo)[edit | edit source]

  • Doesn't work with Goomba 2.3:
    • song/chain/phrase screens show phantom data that can't be erased
    • Instrument screen is filled with gibberish.
  • Works (mostly) with Goomba Color alpha 6:
    • At bootup, memory will be in a weird state, so do the Total Memory Reset to get things working.
    • Bringing up the Goomba menu (L+R) will trash your song. Don't do it.
    • Goomba's auto-sleep mode (if you don't press a button for five minutes) does not trash your song, but obviously it does pause.

How to extract saved songs[edit | edit source]

I have retreived every song from goomba perfectly using this method. it is a little difficult, but actually quite nice for song selection and playing out due to the sav states.

Original post from Dw EDIT? at pocketheaven:

I'm sorry that there isn't an easier way right now, but this is how to do it:

  • First extract the savegame from your flash cartridge, possibly using a cable and the linker software. For the M3, you can use the first 64k of the dat files. (may need a hex editor)
  • If you are using Pogoshell, extract your savegame with SRAM Explorer. This only applies to pogoshell users, so if you don't have pogoshell or know what it is, you don't need to worry about it.

Now that you have a suitable SAV file for the emulator:

  • Build a Pocketnes / Goomba / SMS Advance? compilation containing the game you're interested in
  • Run the rom you built in Visual Boy Advance?.
  • Load the SRAM from the flashcart save (File > Import > Battery File)
  • Run the game.
  • In Visual Boy Advance? do the following:
  1. Tools > Memory Viewer | mac file recovery | 2 day diet | round zebra rug
  2. Click the Save button if you want to extract the save from the emulator, or the Load button if you want to insert the save into the emulator.
  • For Pocket NES?: Use address = 03005000 and Length = 2000
  • For Goomba: Use address = 02038000 and Length = 8000
  • For SMSAdvance: Use address = 0E004000 and Length = 4000. Save it to something like “game_title.sav”. Use quotes in the save as prompt, otherwise it makes the extension
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