Little Sound Dj Wiki

This is a very incomplete listing of released music, using Little Sound Dj in one or another way.

  • Pychic Emperor “Communication” (CD/itunes imputor?)
  • Puss “We Are Puss” (CD, Pusstracks)
  • Puss “Master and Slave” (7”, Pusstracks)
  • Kommisar "Cosmic Phantasm" (Bandcamp)
  • Goto 80 “Commodore Grooves” (CD, Rebel Pet Set)
  • Bit Shifter “Life's A Bit Shifter” (CD, 555)
  • Covox “Final Mission EP” (7”, Rebel Pet Set)
  • Covox “Delete the Elite” (CD, Socom)
  • Role Model “New Fragrance EP” (CD, Retinascan)
  • Random “Happy Ending After All” (CD, 8bitpeoples)
  • Bud Melvin “The Return Of...” (CD)
  • Snoopdroop “Artificial Flavor” (3” CD, 8bitpeoples)
  • firestARTer “Wuppertal EP” (3” CD, Retinascan)
  • nitro2k01 “Gameboy megaMix” (CD, Made available through CD Swop during a limited time)
  • Mayday “I Know Your Trouble's Been Long” (CD, Bar / None?) – Track 12
  • Receptors /Mommy Was an Asteroid “Controller Array EP” (7”, Receptors Music)
  • V / A?: 8-Bit Operators (CD, 12")
  • Seed A.I. “Lullabies of the Lost” (CD, 12")
  • Escape Hawaii “octaves are shaken” (CD)
  • L-Tron “L-Tron” (CD – Little Bit Records)
  • Random Select "A caballo regalado no se le mira la mente" (CD)