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How to create an adapter for connecting a computer keyboard to your Gameboy

A nice tutorial is here: ... and here

You will need 4 wires from the Gameboy serial port: The GND (Ground), Clock, and Data In (Serial In), and +5V (You can aso use a separate power supply for this)

Connect the +5V and GND to +5V and GND on the keyboard connector, and connect the Clock and Data In pins of the Gameboy to the Clock / Data pins on the keyboard. It's that easy.

The male keyboard connector pinout is:

 5 pin 180 deg DIN connector     6 pin MINIDIN connector
 ---------------------------     -----------------------
          (2)      1 Clk	    (5) (6)	  1 Data
       (5)   (4)   2 Data	       |          2 -
      (3)     (1)  3 -	          (3)     (4)     3 GND
                   4 GND	                  4 +5V
                   5 VCC            (1) (2)       5 Clock
                                                  6 -

                     (looking at connector)

Note: A standard Nintendo Gamelink Link Cable won't carry the +5V line. It only carries GND, CLK, DATA IN, DATA OUT. You can use a separate power source for the keyboard if you like. It'll work just as well.

The Gameboy jack pinout is:

 Gameboy link port  no Description Color(Form GBATEK by Martin Korth)
   _____________     1 +5V         N/A
  /  5   3   1  \    2 Serial out  Red(orange)
 | =###=###=###= |   3 Serial in   Orange(red)
 |   6   4   2   |   4 Reserved(SD if it exists) Brown
 `---------------'   5 Clock       Green
  (looking at GB)    6 GND         Blue

Note on Serial in/out connections: Note that the lines are crossed, the out line goes to the in line on the other side.

  • The SERIAL IN pin on the Gameboy goes to the DATA pin on the keyboard.
  • The CLOCK pin on the Gameboy goes to the CLOCK pin on the keyboard.
  • The GND pin on the Gameboy goes to the GND pin on the keyboard.

The VCC pin on the keyboard goes to either the VCC (+5V) pin on the gameboy, or to the (+) electrode of a battery. (The battery connects to the keyboard's VCC and and the keyboards/Gameboys GND junction). Simple enough?

(Info taken from WARNING POPUPS!

Here's a picture..ps2 view is looking into the plug,(view from sockets prespective.!! LSDJKeyboard

Not getting this to work with LSDj? Use this checklist:

  1. Check the pins.
  2. Make sure SYNC setting is set to KEYBD.
  3. Remember: To be able to play on the keyboard, the sequencer must be running.
  4. Check the pins again. I'm not implying that YOU are actually this stupid – but most people actually look at the keyboard connector from the wrong direction on the first try. Or something like that.
  5. If none of the above works, try exchanging the SIN and SOUT lines.

Q : Is there a way to have a Keyboard interface AND a MIDI sync on the same Greyboy? It would definately be cool for syncing LSDj to other devices and having the added control of a keyboard...

A: No!

Q : I there a way to have a BPM sync running when using the Keyboard interface?

A: See previous, or what?

The DMG-07 4 player adapter cable has all the needed lines (including +5v). I determined the cable colors using a multimeter:

  1. brown (+5V)
  2. red (serial out)
  3. yellow (serial in)
  4. – (reserved)
  5. green (clock out)
  6. blue (gnd)